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president obama was right the first time. but the scary part report really the threats, but that officials say our response to the threats is a lesson learned from benghazi. the lesson is close up shop because we can't protect you. that's no lesson. either you bolster security or you get the hell out of the hell holes, but you don't close up shop. sooner or later the sign in the door will go from closed to open and evil will return. it won't be there asking for directions. so, kimberly, you look delightful in green. they will be closed until next saturday. at some point they have to reopen. what do you do? >> people feel insecure about the united states being able to protect them and they close up shop. they try to figure something out or the chatter stops. that's when you will be at your most vulnerable. as soon as we open back up, that's when we will get hit. there has been a little activity in terms of predator strikes, but no major casualties from that of any of the known leaders. hopefully we have developed some of the target lists and getting more information and some people need to
is getting hard core. urging citizens to burn their obama care draft cards. of course, there is no such thing as an obama care draft card. you've got to print your own out and pretend and burn that. what if i told you the science behind it might change the world and help save the planet at the same time? a full discussion of the future of food is coming up. but we begin tonight with breaking news in the middle east north africa and southeast asia where 19 u.s. embassies and consulates are closed tonight due to continued fears of an imminent terror attack. >> we face an ongoing threat from al qaeda and its affiliates. there are individuals and organizations out there that are focused on doing the united states and the american people harm as well as doing harm to our people. >> the embassy and consulate closings span across 21 countries where initially announced on friday along with a worldwide travel alert to u.s. citizens abroad. today, jay carney did his best to hold specifics, but he did confirm the threat is coming from the al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. and the u.s. took the extraord
is the hottest politician in america. narrowly besting hillary clinton and barack obama. but pay no attention to that poll because to the hollywood and new york set, the former first lady is still the hottest commodity out there. at least if their production schedule says anything about it nbc, whose cable network is a 24-hour commercial for the dnc, is planning a four hour mini series simply titled hillary. starting actress diane lane as mrs. clinton. conveniently, it only addresses mrs. clinton's life from 1998 to present. so, if i'm guessing, there won't be a lot on monica or travel gate, vince foster, or the rose law firm. cnn is planning its own film a feature-length documentary that will have a theatrical run in 2014 before it airs on the network in 2015. anticipating charges of bias, cnn insists that its film unit operates separately from its editorial department. okay. and i have not even mentioned the film rodham. are you counting these? it's throw now. that's produced by the people behind the popular twilight saga. that film focuses on hillary's early professional years including he
the obama is administration in today made it clear they would prefer that i use a different word than evacuation. here is the state department spokesperson quibbling with the press over the use of the word evacuates and insisting on explaining what the obama ed ministrations sees as a significant difference between the evacuation and what the administration is now calling the ordered departure. >> i am curious what your quibbling with the word evacuate? >> it is a technical term. >> is a non technical term. >> i think you are looking at then dictionary. >> what would you call if you were told you have to leave and they force it on the plane? >> it is called the order departure that arabs live in the arabian peninsula that despite the claims they had decimated al qaeda and other regions. >> i would point to a couple of things. the leadership of the al qaeda core has been weakened , decimated. pointing you to the president's speech just a few months ago where he talked about that on a path to defeat it is consistently expressed about affiliate's and this is an example of that. >> where
in 16 countries across the middle east and all ordered closed by the obama administration. the obama foreign policy effectively closed for business in the middle east. citing threats from the terrorist groups that the president once declared to be on the run repeatedly during his campaign for reelection. the obama administration ordered the closing of those 19 embassies and consulates throughout the middle east for at least the rest of the week. and that is based on what lawmakers and administration sources are calling increased on-line chatter amongst al qaeda and it al qaeda affiliated groups. fox news confirming tonight that enter subject conversations between al qaeda had and his counterpart in yemen l to these closures. thanks to the president's spokesperson, those terrorist groups now know the administration's timetable for reopeeing the closed outposts. >> our cururrent affirmation suests that al qaeda and affiliated organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks in the region and beyond . and our information suggests that they may focus efforts to conduct attacks between no
? >> it could be also that president obama is going to be on jay leno tonight. who knows. the fact that this guy is in a halfway house while terrorists are free, it is like arresting the editors of runners world for the marathon bomber, letting him go free. i will say this about this filmmaker, no question he is a shady dude, he did break some laws, but he was also a decoy, a pawn in a government coverup. he is really not the story here. the story is how the white house found him and used him in order to win an election. wait a second. he was integral in getting obama elected because they used him to smooth over the idea there was terrorism. obama should pardon him for helping him with the election or introduce him to george clooney, have him make connections in hollywood. this guy got obama reelected. >> let's remember that he has now three fatwas against him, they want to put him in protective custody, somebody needs to. these guys are serious players when it comes to that stuff. one thing that bothers me about what he said, i can't find all of the moderate muslims he is talking about who are
president obama visited arizona. and just look who went to the airport to greet him, republican governor jan brewer. look, she is all smiles. gee, isn't that a big change from her last airport pickup. last year, governor brewer was waving her finger in the president's face. she was defiant. back then, she was one of the health care law's strongest critics. that was then. this is now. just listen to her sing the praises of the law just last month. >> in a few minutes, i will sign into law legislation that extends cost-effective health care to hundreds of thousands of arizona's working poor, our friends and our neighbors in need. this legislation will protect arizona's hospitals. it will create thousands of jobs, and it will save lives. >> you heard the governor. it will save lives. it will create jobs. eight other republican governors agree. they want the president's health care lawfully implemented in their states. the law is here to stay. but that hasn't stopped the far right from threatening to shut down the government in order to defund the law. the tea party types are so obsessed that th
news made those republicans think they were going to win, that they could beat barack obama, that he wasn't a popular president. >> let's go back to reality, joan, with this. as your point is made, there's a long tradition ofnous anchors moderating debates. i moderated the republican debate at the reagan library last election, 2008. >> right. >> despite that history, reince priebus defended his threat to shut out nbc and cnn, saying he wants to be in business with participating outlets. participating. let's listen. >> yes. >> i think it's just about time that our party stands up and protects the party and our candidates from networks that are not in the business of promoting our party. they're not in the business of promoting our candidates. they're not in the business of doing anything but promoting the democratic party. and i'm not going to sit around and watch this happen anymore. >> that's kind of a dull comment to say he only wants to do business with those in the business of promoting their candidates. admit it, i admit we're not in that business. >> right. this is the question
who to pick and choose presidt obama has quarterbacked the most massive run around the constitution at the federal level. he is trying to take cdit for it and is obviously unconcerned with the violation of our civil liberties would just keep coming. it admits giving secrets from the nsa, they dmitted that this morning. in response to a query from fox news. neil: judge, thank you so much. a deadly silence today. is this high-tech millionaire is this high-tech millionaire already making [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. ah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for everyone on the plan, unlimited talk and text on smart phones. now, everyone's in the spirit of sharing. hey, can i borrow your boat this wkend? no. [ male announcer ] share more. save more. at&t mobile share for business. ♪ do you mind grabbing my
. but the obama administration is already gearing up for battle. >> the obama administration today challenged voting laws it says discriminate on the basis of race. attorney general eric holder made the announcement in philadelphia pledging to focus first on texas within texas first, okay. apparently eric hold certificate apparent-- approaching voter rights protection like we his first day in prison. look, i'm going find the biggest-- there and beat the [bleep] out of him. i'm sending a message here. the other states will fall in line. (applause) but look, look, i've got to say what has texas done to deserve that? >> literally two hours after the court's ruling, texas official said they would begin enforcing a new voter requirement even though a federal court struck down the law because it quote imposes strict unforgiving burdens on the poor and racial minorities in texas. >> come on, texas. what were you doing for two whole hours? did it take you that long to make the call because your hand was shaking too much from the excitement of being able to disenfranchise voters? and let's be clear. t
swept up by the nsa in deciding who to pick and choose president obama has quarterbacked the most massive run around the constitution at the federal level. he is trying to take credit for it and is obviously unconcerned with the violation of our civil liberties would just keep coming. it admits giving secrets from the nsa, they admitted that this morning. in response to a query from fox news. neil: judge, thank you so much. a deadly silence today. is this high-tech millionaire already making history? arth's f? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you ys! a with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beardrowing contest and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet? win! a quarter llioion tweeters is beare tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonst. and it's giving the internet the room it n
headline, the committee uses government numbers to show part-time work dominates the obama economy. the household survey says, seven of eight jobs created are part-time. opposite is president obama who will speak on the success of his economic policies. and speaking in phoenix where home prices have risen sharply and his support for home buying. and jeff bezos, stepping forward as the top ceo. the question, is he the next steve jobs? "varney & company" is about to begin. >> president obama in phoenix today. is going to take a victory lap on the country's real estate recovery, but he wants more. here is his plan. help families save up to 3000 a year by refinancing. cut red tape so responsible buyers can get a mortgage. wind down fannie and freddie and the housing recovery. this fits president obama's theme, i am helping the middle class, it's the republicans' faulty can't do more. however, the president is struggling with that message. i've got one negative item on the economy this morning, actually several, but here is the big one. part-time workers dominate the jobs scene. new nu
. >> and president obama will propose phasing out mortgage giants fannie and freddie but they back half the mortgages in this country so what does it mean for the value of your home? >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm jake tapper. we begin our world lead with this breaking news on a major terrorism investigation. for nearly a year, the family of those killed at the diplomatic post in benghazi have been waiting for answers. >> here's what she told him. >> the investigative team did not even try to contact him, he says. now there is major news about this suspect in the benghazi attacks. i want to welcome cnn's new justice reporter, evan perez, to "the lead." what you have learned? >> the first criminal charges have been filed, we've been told, in new york under seal. ackman is the person being charged and the investigation is continuing and they're still working on perhaps bringing charges against other individuals but this is a major individual in the case. >> and who is he? >> he is a leader of one of the many militias that the government is dependent upon to help manage libya because the government do
for evacuating the embassy. >> why can't the democrats and obama administration decide on something and be very strong in their decision, just as soon as they get criticism, obviously not literally do this, but punch that person in the mouth and say no, we made the right decision. cenk: or literally. >> i wouldn't mind if it was literally. i want them to be strong, that that was ridiculous. that weird euphemism was laughable. cenk: they want us to thread the needle where we are on top of the threats and there are a lot of threats and that's why the n.s.a. secret spy program is very important. you throw in that, and community indicated with someone in the united states. we're not telling what you that angle is, but we're throwing that in there. so you go ok, wait a minute, now the thrust of this story is the top al-qaeda leader is communicating with the top leader in yemen. what does that have to do with the u.s.? not a dammed thing. the panic is set, because apparently in that communication, this is the quote "do something." all right. well then panic, i got you. so i'm with joe here when he me
tonight on "nightly business report" for tuesday, august 6th. >>> good evening everyone. president obama taking aim today at boosting homeownership by proposing an overhaul of the massive mortgage market. his targets, long-term political hot potatoes. diana olick joins us from washington with more on what all this might mean. >> reporter: suzy, it should come as no surprise mortgage is front and center, as interest rates are rising, credit is the last barrier to full housing recovery. >> our housing market is beginning to heal. >> reporter: president obama returned to arizona, one of the hardest hit states in the housing crash four years after using this dessert backdrop. >> we got to turn the badpage o the bubble and bust. we need a housing system durable and fair and rewards responsibility for generations to come. >> reporter: it's reforming the nation's 10 trillion dollar mortgage market making it easier for home buyers and putting capital at the center of housing finance ask pulling government out. that means a gradual wind down of giants fannie mae and freddy mac, which together wit
this country wants to do right now. >> president obama is going next week to martha's vineyard and the house and senate take their recess. many say they will do constituent work, i believe they are, but in terms of prioritizing they have done alousing job with the national finances, and they are all going away without doing their jobs first? >> i agree with you, and if you recall four years ago we were going through a very similar thing with the whole health care situation and they went home, and the american people rose up. >> you have awakened the sleeping giant. >> this is not a federal government issue! this is a people issue! >> stay out of my business! stay out of my health care! >> the whole bill needs to be started over and concentrate on those things that are not going to cost anything. >> in terms of the president's activities for august, his calendar still coming together for that month. unlike congress, the president will be at work for most of the month. >> sooner or later it will stop, and it really will and them going away for vacation. if they went away for three or four year
about a possible meeting with president obama. >> good afternoon, mr. president. would you like to meet president obama when you travel to new york in september? and do you see any prospect of direct talks with the american administration during your term in office? >> the new president said his visit to new york is being used into. he comes here perhaps in september for the united nations. >> following a wildfire burning in the mountains east of los angeles, about 100 homes around lake elsinore have been evacuated. police say the fire is a threat to the town of lakeland village. more than 11,000 people live there. >> it is time to show you headlines from around the globe. "usa today" says mirls could be forced to mama'sive troop cuts. a study says it could result in troop levels not seen since 1940s. >>> troop security outside of airports, music festivals, rodeos, train terminals. agents who stop and surge people away from the airport may violate the constitution. >>> nascar champ tony stewart broke his right leg after a crash at southern iowa speedway. got caught up in a four-car >>>
." >>> president obama is en route to arizona right now but we first want to update you on some developing news. former president george w. bush is recovering at a dallas hospital from a heart procedure he underwent this morning after doctors discovered a blocked artery during his annual physical. the operation successfully placed a stent in the artery to open the blockage. the former president says he is in high spirits and will return to his normal schedule on thursday. we'll continue to monitor the story as it develops. >>> turning now to president obama's policy push, he is just a few hours from touching down in phoenix where he'll highlight positive gains made in the state's housing market. the southwest stopover is part of the president's recent campaign to shift focus back to the nation's economy but sunny weather and signs of a recovery are not all that awaits him in the canyon of of the unknown. president obama will once again be greeted on the tarmac by arizona governor and self-proclaimed scorpion eater jan brewer, the same jan brewer who last year greeted the president with a now-in
in an emergency may be further constrained by the fluid security situations. president obama met with yemen's president last thursday, a day before the state department announced it was closing 21 different installations. and mr. obama said they were pushed out of parts of yemen but the group remains a threat. >> as al-qaeda core has been diminished through the efforts of the united states and our allies, affiliate organizations including al-qaeda in the araban peninsula have strengthened and we have here in washington, identified hua p as a potentially dangerous threat for sometime now. >> now with the u.s. embassy below emergency staffing it may have been the target. and u.s. officials will not confirm. that critics say the president is being foolish to make a distinction between al-qaeda and the different affiliates. >> the administration for four and half years, tried to slice and dice by defining al-qaeda's little sliver that is hanging out along the afghan- pakistan border that is a mischaracterization and what we are seeing is a demonstration of a reassertion of central control. >> y
. >> obama care is a disaster for america. >> the struggle is just to be heard above the din. >> if the dodgers told senator mcconnell that he had a kidney stone, he'd refuse to pass it. >> can you put this in perspective? >> the politics of the terror threat. >> chris christie is as hot as it gets. >> minority leader mitch mcconnell is setting the tone. >> the struggle is just to be heard above the din. >>> tonight, 20 u.s. embassies and consulates are closed and will remain closed for the rest of the week in an extraordinarily large-scale security precaution as we continue to learn more details about the terror threat that prompted it. sources told nbc news the closures came after the nsa intercepted an electronic communication between the man who succeeded osama bin laden as the head of al qaeda central and a former personal aide to bin laden and who is also the head of al qaeda's satellite group al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. nbc news reports tonight that a third significant al qaeda operative was also a party to communication discussing the attack. that third al qaed
obama is going next week to martha's vineyard and the house and senate take the recess. many are going to do constituent work, but in terms of prioritizing, they have done a lousy job with the finances and all going away without doing their jobs first? >> i agree with you. if you recall four years ago, we were going through a very similar thing with this whole health care situation and they went home. the american public rose up. >> you have awakened the sleeping giant. >> this is not a federal government issue. this is a people issue. >> stay out of my business. stay out of my health care! >> the whole bill needs to be started over and concentrate on those things that are not going to cost anything. >> in term of the president's activi activities, his calendar is still coming together for that month. >> sooner or later, it will stop. it really well. if they went away for three or four years and took the president with them, i think i might like that. >> we have a president who, to this day, after 4 1/2 years still isn't accountable, still isn't responsible is still on the campaign tra
is to get the obama administration to recognize that it's a unique program and make some regulatory allowances unique for its design, this should not be controversial, healthy san francisco has a [inaudible] for healthy care reform and our national representative ares at the forefront of making the aca as strong as they could, but during this, we will ensure the health of san francisco remain a model for others to follow and doesn't allow us to enroll backwards. some people currently receive coverage through healthy san francisco will require for medi cal care and many will not, we estimate 3 to 4 million californians will remain uninsured even after the aca is fully implemented at the same time public hospitals will face cuts and dsh payment and the alignment fund, employers payment under health care sans fra*ns will be crucial. thank you, sir. >> thank you, sir, i'm going to read a few more names and i apologize if i mispronounce your name. (calling speaker names). go ahead. >> good afternoon, everyone, i just want to start out by appreciating supervisor campos for calling this he
that has come up in the last two days is the obama administration has claimed that al qaeda is in deep trouble. i think that claim is true. and they're kind of-- but they're also saying if the organization is if deep trouble why did we just close 22 embassies and consulates in 17 different countries. and i think both statements are true. i mean an organization that is in deep trouble can still talk to each other and make threatening statements that we pick upment does it mean that they're operationalizing something, does it mean they have the capability, that's a whole different question. and as a factual matter the last time they attacked successly in the west was july 7th -- 005 in london. >> rose: we conclude with dr. atul gawande who wrote an interesting piece in the "new yorker" magazine about innovation. >> the most intriguing question in my mind is health care has been about the individual doctor and their brilliance for the last half century, where we've had knowledge and capabilities. but now the knowledge and the capability has outstripped what our own, any one of our brains
obama and our incredible and amazing leader congresswoman nancy pa loes si, in march of 2010, president obama signed the comprehensive health reform that we probably have heard a lot in the last couple of years. it is the patient protection and affordable care act which many people referred to as the aca or obama care which is something that we have affectionately appropriated because the term was use ined a derogatory way, we think it's a positive way, this law does many things but perhaps most importantly, it makes preventive care more accessible and more affordable for so many americans and i'm excited to be here to begin a series of hearings that we will be holding on the affordable care act so that we have in san francisco a smooth as transition and implementation as possible. today's hearing will focus on how the aca and our local health care security ordinance work in tandem to make health care and health insurance truly accessible to as many san franciscans as possible. you know, the thing about the health care security ordinance, it was really an example of how san franciscans
. >>> al qaeda threats reveal a plan to, quote, do something big. >>> is president obama ready to rid the nation of fannie and freddie? >>> oprah's striking 'do. and some surprising new stats on pot smokers and the biggest party schools in the country. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for tuesday, august 6th. >>> good morning. i'm richard lui. we're going to start with breaking news coming out of yemen nepu.s. state department urging u.s. citizens to leave yemen immediately due to, quote, the continued potential for terrorist attacks. it also ordered nonemergencies u.s. government staff to leave. the security threat there is considered very high. tensions already elevated with 19 u.s. embassies and consulates closed through saturday. sources telling nbc news intercepted electronic communications prompted those closures through the middle east and north africa. sources saying two of al qaeda's top leaders, quote, wanted to do something big this past sunday during ramadan. those leaders being al qaeda's chief ayman al zawahiri and his deputy in yemen.
has the latest. >> reporter: as president obama headed west to talk up housing reform and appear on the tonight show with jay leno, things intensified. a drone killed four al qaeda militants, as the u.s. and british embassies evacuated staff, drawing furious reaction from the yemen government. the ministry of foreign affairs put out a statement declaring while the government of yemen appreciates foreign governments' concern for the safety of their citizens, evacuation of embassy staff serves the interests of extremists and undermine's the exceptional cooperation between yemen and the international alliance against terrorism. the surprising split, five days after mr. obama took great pains in the oval office to show close cooperation with president hadi of yemen, left officials at the state department splitting hairs over whether it was an evacuation. >> i think if you look up in a dictionary the definition -- >> what would you call it if you're suddenly told you have to leave, a plane is flown in, you're forced to leave. >> it is called order of depat you are. >> reporter: at thu
? >> obama. >> all right. well -- >> i cheated. >> let's say he's busy. >> it would be all right. he owes me a couple. >> yeah, he owes you. >> he owes me a couple. >> that would be a presidential first. inducting somebody into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. the big white house movie "the butler" will be a big film set for release in august has got one important fan, barbara bush. politico reports the movie made the former first lady cry during an advanced screening in kennebunkport. of course it's a story right from where she once lived as first lady. it's about the white house butler eugene allen who served through eight presidencies from 1952 to 1986. it will show a different perspective how those eight presidents treated the people who served them in the white house. i can't wait. and those presidents are played here by some big name actors. dwight eisenhower, ike is played by you believe it, robin williams. jack kennedy is played by the young james marsden. he looks pretty good. lyndon johnson, liev schreiber. hmm. and richard nixon played by my buddy john cusack. the big question, how
was confident president obama would make the right pick. in the wake of a debate over whether or not banks should be allowed to own physical commodities comes word that goldman sachs is being sued because of the practice. the bank owns a big chunk of the u.s. supply of aluminum. it has been accused of holding on to that supply, keeping it off the market and thereby manipulating its market price. the class- action suit labels the practice "monopolistisc" and also targets the london metals exchange, which oversees metal warehousing. the lme says that the suit is "without merit." lena khan has been reporting on this story. she says the inclusion of the lme is key: "over the last few weeks, a lot of the attention has focused on the banks - on goldman sachs, jp morgan - and what they're doing with the warehouses, but i think the fact that the lme has designed its rules in a way that enables the banks to create these kinds of queues, that's very significant." the department of justice, the sec, and the federal reserve are all investigating the practice. in today's cover story, the battle between
as well. >>> moving on, president obama george w. bush is recovering in a dallas hospital after a health scare. the former president had a stint surgically placed this morning to clear a blocked artery in his heart. the blockage was discovered yesterday during the 67-year-old's annual physical. a statement released by his office says, president bush is in high spirit, eager to return home tomorrow and resume his normal schedule on thursday. joining me now, nbc news chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman. nancy, this sounds like good news from the president's office. you know, when we see him as a physical guy, always out, always jogging, you know, 67-year-old, but by all appearances over the years in great health, how does something like this happen? >> well, it happens, tamron, because we always pay the piper for how we've lived our lives formerly. something was found on his routine physical, whether it was an ekg change or whether he had some pain or discomfort in his jaw or his chest. something made the doctors realize he had a blockage of one of his arteries and they wanted to put
problems. we will speak with richmond's mayor as chevron agrees to pay $2 million. then as president obama speaks about housing recovery in phoenix, we will look at the devastating impact of the foreclosure crisis. trying to convince me the house is foreclosed on, trying to evict me and i'm trying to keep my home. is, you took my money all those years. either work with me and let me keep my home, or give me my money back. >> we will look at how richmond, california is planning to use eminent domain to help fight the foreclosure crisis. we will speak to laura gottesdiener, author of the new book, "a dream foreclosed: black america and the fight for a place to call home." first, we look at the national security agency and the u.s. drug enforcement administration. dea agents are using intelligence gathered by the nsa to investigate americans and then being order to cover it up. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. jeff bezos is buying the washington post, one of the leading newspapers in the country. the
, at the center of the housing bust but wiped out $7 trillion in homeowner equity. mr. obama have another plan to stabilize and boost the housing market. lori: newspapers, a new status symbol for billion is looking to flaunt their wealth. amazon's jeff bezos be with the washington post. dennis: the fight with george soros and carl icahn ran the. charlie gasparino as the long and short. time for stocks as we do every 15 minutes left head to the floor of the stock exchange, adam shapiro, stocks down. adam: not as bad as they were earlier. we are off of session lows and may go above 1700. one of the reasons the dow is down 82 points is ibm pulling but dow down and ibm is down 2.2% accounting for 34 points of of the dow but not only the biggest loser on the dow, they got a downgrade which says their stock price could go as low as $175 a year -- a share, a big fall down is ibm and one issue is people don't want their mainframes as much as they used to. lori: the windy city has one of the most poorly funded pension systems in the country, 50% underfunded. no solutions so far. could be the next major
presidential portrait in may last year, he seemed healthy and happy as president obama jokingly saluted the fitness-minded white house mr. bush left behind. >> plus, you also have left me a really good tv sports package. >> reporter: yet at his physical this week in dallas, doctors found a blockage in an artery and today inserted a stent, a small, balloon-like device inserted into the narrow passage and expanded to push the blockage aside, leaving a mesh tube to keep the artery clear. presidents have main it and some sort of moderate fitness, during and after their term. clinton ran, too. president obama plays basketball and just a few years back, the first president bush jumped from an airplane. to put it simply, this is what we've come to expect from our modern chief executives and with a little bit of luck after this procedure, if everything goes right, the former president bush will be back to his active lifestyle. >> let's go a little bit more information from dr. jonathan reiner, a cardiologist with the george washington university medical facility and with his long-time patient,
jewels worth an estimated $136 million. president obama is calling for big changes that could effect your mortgage. and he claims his idea might surprise some of his critics. we will give you the details. plus police say a suspected drunk driver sent a truck flying through the air. we will show you the rest of the video and find out how that truck driver is doing as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps,'s taken care of. this is pretty easy, and i see it works on hotels too. you bet. now if you like that, press the red button on top. ♪ how did he not see that coming? what's in your wallet? (tires screeching) red hot deal days are back. (alarm beeping) stop foro one. what? it's red hot deal days. get $100 off the samsung galaxy note ii with features like pop-up play. lets you use any app while watching video. or use the s pen for hand-written notes. just $199.99. hurry in, sale ends august 11th. getting the best ba
esperanza que las clínicas ofreceran salud para las personas que no califiquen para el programa obama care. >> el programa obama care para los indocumentados no les va a ayudar entonces las clínicas comunitarias van a seguir y van a ser uno de los puntos de acceso para nuestra comunidad indocumentada. >> el sistema de salud todavía le da acceso a la persona indocumentada cuando hay emergenca, cuando la persona está en el hospital, entonces esa parte del sistema. >> y los pciantes indocumentados que pretsentan una necesida para servicio especializado no recibiran ayuda y la mejor sugerencia es que se enfoquen en la prevención. >> más de 20 embajadas y consulados estadounidenses cerrraron en el medio oriente después de que un mensaje de aiman alzawari jefe de al qaeda parecia tener otras intenciones. >> continuarán cerrados hasta el próximo sábado después de que se interceptaran mensajes similares al 911.- >> está enfocada en el medio oirtent y creen que el gobierno está actuando por prevención. >> recordemonos que en septiembre 11 también tenían servicios donde los terrosrist
interests, as a candidate in 2008 now president obama then seems to understand and he talked about courageously during the campaign and pledged not just to draw american troops from iraq but also the american mindset that had gotten into the strategic mistake to invade iraq in the first place and pledged to change the middle east policy but instead the obama administration has pursued policies as the predecessors the same policies that did such damage to our strategic position and as a result the obama administration today is not just providing a stalled middle east peace process but the demise of the true state solution to the palestinian conflict and while the above it ministration military intervention in libya can and overthrow gadaffi it is now e. incubating in libya a significant threat to american security interests and as the detail in our book, going to tehran deal gone bad restoration has gone beyond the bush administration to trim the islamic republic to argue what we say is ward dangerous to discredit a gauge of it as a strategy to deal with the islamic republic of iran
filner. we will check in on these two important members of president obama's party. and the suspension for alex rodriguez and 12 other players for using performance-enhancing drugs. we will update you on new developments and a sad situation unfolding on president obama's watch. and finally could the running of the bulls be coming to the united states? you wouldn't think so, but i guess anything is possible in obama's america. greg? >> andy, can you blame people in obama's america not wanting to run with the bulls? >> i am just surprised the bulls want to come here what with obamacare and all. >> exactly. >> and you can only use 49 bulls in assisted of 50. >> i think there are 58 bulls. >> eight won't be eligible for health care. >> enough of this. look who is here. she is so british her blood type is marmalade. i am here #w* imogen lloyd webber. her latest book is called "the twitter diaries" and if hilarity was a soap dispenser they would pump him in the office bathroom. he is writer examine comedian jake fogelnest. bill schulz is out of town and filling in is my nude rock climbing in
. >>> president obama heads to phoenix to talk about home ownership. the president is expected to lay out the plan to keep the housing recovery humming. he heads to burbank, california to make his sixth appearance on the tonight show with jay leno. >>> fire crews in oregon making progress on a wildfire. weather conditions do not promise help. five fires burning in two oregon counties. 52,000 acres destroyed. the largest is 16% contained. >> indra petersons is tracking the weather for us. >> it's a mixed bag. there's relief on the way. storms are headed their way. it takes time. it's been so dry, the low that should bring the relief is going to bring more lightning that could start more wildfires. it's so dry out there. the rainfall moistens up the atmosphere before it hits the ground. they have potential lightning strikes and wind today. they will get the relief they need in the form of rain. keeping in trend, the west coast, this is the outlook for august. cool on the east coast. take a look at what is expected in texas today. we are talking heat index from 100 to 108. temperatures a good five to
with non-life-threatening injuries. >>> help for homeowners could be on the way as president obama unveils a new plan to make it easier to refinance and get loans. >>> and it's beginning to warm up around the bay area. mark tamayo will be here with what's in store for the rest of the workweek. >>> and former george w. bush recovering from surgery. when you smoke, addictive ingredients like nicotine pull you in. every day, over 1200 people die from smoking-related diseases. don't sink deeper into addiction. pull yourself out! >>> the fort hood shooting trial finally got underway this morning after delays. major nadal hasan is accused in the shooting rampage in fort hood in folks. 13 people were killed and 32 others were wounded. acting as his own attorney in his opening statement, he said "the evidence will clearly show that i am the shooter." hasan tried to plead guilty but milt law requires a not guilty plea in death penalty cases. >>> in boston a federal jury has begun deliberations in the trial of james whitey bulger. he's accused of 19 killings and 13 counts of extortion and money laun
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